Circular and Biobased Products Symposium

This symposium is organised by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research which has been performing applied research for over 30 years around the themes of circular water, biobased chemicals & materials and value chains.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Thu 6 June 2024

Venue Wageningen Campus

The Circular and Biobased Products (CBP) Symposium is an annual event where we want to share relevant developments and research results from collaborative projects we have executed together with market stakeholders. But also to discuss the way forward; what are the next steps that are needed in the coming years to accelerate the building process of a truly circular and biobased economy and how we can all make an impact together.

Many studies have already found their way to the market and got implemented, but new research and collaboration remains necessary to provide the functions in everyday life that we all like to have, without the burden on climate and environment.