Development Wageningen Campus Oost

Wageningen Campus is expanding eastward. The room that is currently available for (emerging) businesses, research institutes and NGOs has filled up sooner than expected, mostly due to the knowledge development power of Wageningen University & Research and its ecosystem. An increasing number of knowledge-intensive organisations are seeking to become a physical part of the Wageningen ecosystem. More room is needed to meet the growing demand.

Wageningen Campus is an important meeting place for researchers, starting entrepreneurs and students in the domain of healthy food and food production, natural resources and living environment. Knowledge-intensive organisations conduct R&D work and, in doing so, ensure that their innovations are applied within society. The frequent interaction and collaboration between employees of the organisations on campus are crucial.

Zoning plan

The amended Born-Oost zoning plan was ratified at the end of 2022, making the expansion of Wageningen Campus in an eastward direction possible. The plan follows up on the previous construction of the NIOO-KNAW and Aeres University College buildings at this location.

The campus is critical within provincial and municipal development plans for knowledge-intensive industrious activity in the domain of food production and healthy nutrition. No manufacturing or logistical businesses will settle on Campus Oost, but rather, organisations focused on research, development and innovation.

The zoning principles for the Campus Oost were established in the municipal council in December 2020 after an intensive process that included stakeholders and local residents. This, in turn, led to a zoning plan that was submitted for feedback by the municipal executive in 2021 and finally approved at the end of 2022.

The plan provides for 80,000 square metres of business locations for knowledge-intensive or research-related activities. The intended buildings will have their highest point along the Mansholtlaan and gradually become lower towards the east. A strip of green will be constructed along the gardens of residences along the Grintweg, Wildekamp and Houtwal to preserve the view as much as possible and to fortify the local ecological thoroughfare.

Approach and design

  • Approximately 250 student housing units will be constructed at the southernmost point by Idealis at the request of the municipal council.
  • There will be no parking in public spaces. This means that parking for approximately 800 vehicles is to be created beneath the building as much as possible. Should this be impossible, a separate parking facility will be built along the north side.
  • A bicycle lane between the Grintweg and the Mansholtlaan is to become part of the Wageningen Campus cycling infrastructure. The buildings will be surrounded by as much green as possible. Strict demands are made on appearance, sustainability, and sustainable mobility. A 30-metre-wide green zone extends from east to west across the zone, linking to the green zone on the west side of the Mansholtlaan. The ecological thoroughfare along the Droevendaalsesteeg will be made substantially wider by 12 metres.

Where is Campus Oost located?

Campus Oost is located east of the Mansholtlaan, opposite the current buildings on Wageningen Campus. In the past, there were testing facilities and greenhouses there, and the IMAG (Institute for Mechanisation of Labour and Buildings) and Agricultural Engineering group brownstone building.

Plans to construct housing at Campus Oost were voided during the 2010 housing crisis, and Wageningen municipality directed its focus on other projects. In 2016, CampusOost was earmarked for the expansion of Wageningen Campus. The plans that were then launched have now been finalised.

With the arrival of three large corporations’ R&D centres on Wageningen Campus - Friesland Campina (opened in 2013), Unilever (opened in 2019) and the Upfield innovation centre (2022)– as well as the success of business hubs PlusUltra 1 and 2, the space the campus offers knowledge-intensive businesses has filled up sooner than expected.

See the brochure for more information on Wageningen Campus and options to locate your business there.

If you have questions relating to business opportunities on Campus Oost, please get in touch with Dr ir Anne Mensink, Business Developer Wageningen Campus.